The Price of Greatness- What’s your Sacrifice? 5 Steps to Achieve Greatness

I constantly hear others saying “I want to be known as the Greatest……!” You fill in the blank, plastic surgeon, waitress, salesman, cook, chauffeur,……… In the movie Spiderman the best line ever was “with great power comes great responsibility….” Well with Greatness, comes great sacrifice! As a professional in the limousine and chauffeured transportation industry, I have one chance to be great and the preparation and planning that goes into it, is exhausting! But, the results I must say, most rewarding. 1) Pre-Planning and Preparation It’s hard to forecast all the variables that come into play with any event in life, but understanding what you envision as an acceptable final outcome and working backwards to understand the environment and potential roadblocks will lead you to delivering Great results. 2) Ask Questions to Seek Enlightenment Ask questions of everyone, clients, employees, managers, owners……. Asking questions will lead you to expectations and expectations will define for you what Great results look like to others. Its important to measure up what your definition of great is to what others define as great. 3) Execute on Your Plan This is such a generic statement! But, it is key to achieving Greatness. You’ve spent the time pre-planning and preparing for success, you’ve uncovered and determined what the roadblocks are…… So why wouldn’t you do everything possible within your control to execute? When you execute your plans, you become the one in control of your destiny, success or failure resides squarely on your shoulders. Include those around you on your plans and train them on how to execute. 4) Faith In business they say there are 3 major no no’s…. Don’t talk about religion, sports or politics. So I will try to keep this as non-denominational as possible. You need to have faith in a being greater than yourself to achieve greatness. This faith will give you the power to run through the roadblocks from time to time that will pop up outside of your plan. Do not be afraid, your faith will show you the right way to accomplish your goals. 5) The Golden Rule Don’t forget, “Do unto others, as you would have done to you!” If you want to achieve Greatness you must be well respected and inclusive of others experience, strength and hope. If you live your life stepping over the bodies to get to the other side of the battlefield, you will not have the respect or devotion needed of the troops to get to the ultimate goal. Greatness is not a single individual achievement, it takes a team. Your respect, love and adoration for the team will ensure that everyone wants to see you win. You have to have others pulling for your success.