Quality Vs. Quantity: A How to Guide to Picking a Limousine Company

The limousine industry has done a very poor job delivering upon the price versus value proposition. As a consumer, you should know 3 very important things about our industry, 1- not all limousine services are created equal, 2- just because they have a web-site and call themselves a limousine service doesn’t mean they are doing this right or even legally, 3- buyer beware….. if it sound too good to be true, most likely it is. I think the number one issue that gets the consumer in trouble with regard to ensuring that their limousine experience is the best it can be, PURCHASING SOLELY ON A QUOTED HOURLY PRICE! Many companies will quote an hourly fee, but not disclose the actual additional surcharges, mileage charges, taxes or gratuities until the day of service when the car arrives and the balance due is much different than what you thought you agreed. If you follow the below 5 steps when interviewing companies, you will have a much better chance of ensuring you and your guest a wonderful experience:


To avoid this pulling up, follow these steps! 1- Ask your friends and others for their recommendations of services used in the past that they had GREAT experiences. By doing this, you can develop a short list of companies that you can interview for your event. 2- Before calling to companies in your interview process, know your expectations for the event. It is always best to have as firm a head count as possible, ideas of venues you plan on going and a fairly firm pick-up and drop off location. (FYI- if you plan on making several stops at the end of your event for drop-offs, communicate this upfront. It will most likely save you unexpected additional charges the day of your engagement through pre-planning.) 3- When calling companies, don’t be afraid to interview them to ensure you make a decision that is the best fit for you. Find out how long they’ve been in business, do they have experience working with the type of event your planning, how are their chauffeurs uniformed, ask them to explain the training that they provide for their chauffeurs. You will also want to ask for the company to provide you with proof of their commercial insurance. When I stated previously that not all limousine companies are created equal, I meant it! There are several companies I have come across that are not insured for commercial passenger transportation. Unfortunately, if one of these companies are chosen and God forbid there is an accident, YOUR WILL NOT BE COVERED FOR YOUR LOSSES! 4- Don’t base your decision solely on price. High or low. I have heard stories from customers where they paid twice as much and got something that obviously wasn’t safe to be on the road. Be willing to take a road trip and visit the company you want to work with and see the vehicle(s) that you will have for your event. This will also give you an opportunity to put a name with a face and see firsthand how they present their company. 5- Get it all in writing! Makes sure once you’ve made the reservation you see their terms and conditions prior to your event. Make sure you sign a contract and receive a confirmation receipt with balances due and deposits made. If you follow these tips, you will be well on your way to ensuring that your next limousine experience is absolutely FABULOUS! Cleveland Corporate Limousine Services is please to answer any questions you may have 855-867-2270