Cleveland Is Alive!!

Cleveland is a Plum!……… If your from my generation you probably remember this slogan as our own way of differentiating Cleveland from the “Big Apple”, NYC. For years us flat landers struggled with an identity crisis. We wanted to be metropolitan, but not too metropolitan…… and we slowly muddled along. Growth in our community has been tempid at best, and many of the most creative and forward thinking left to find other communities willing to embrace their ideas. Today, I am proud of our community and far we have come. We still embrace some of our hometown values, yet we’ve started embracing being “Metropolitan”. We’re making movies, winning awards for some of the best chefs in the world, our sports teams finally appear to be on the right track and the world is taking notice of what Cleveland is doing!


Our mantra used to be, as comedian Al Franken- playing Stuart Smalley on Saturday Night Live would say “I deserve good things, I am entitled to my share of happiness, I refuse to beat myself up, I am attractive person, I am fun to be with”……..”I’m good enugh, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me!” We World here we come! For years we’ve always said “to live in Cleveland, you have to be strong!” Well being strong, creative, dedicated, meticulous and still angry from being dissed by everyone has paid off! Bring us your movie crews, your press teams, your political party conventions, pro sports teams, relocating business, and we’ll show you our passion, pride and excitement for this little sleepy town we call home! Can anyone find me a “Cleveland’s A Plum” T-shirt? Cause the next time I visit one of those towns, I’m going to let them know “CLEVELAND IS ALIVE!!” Cleveland Corporate Limousine Services, LLC would be proud to take you on a personal tour of our home town. 855-867-2270