All Dressed Up And No Way To Go!

On a frequent basis, I receive distress calls from people who thought they had selected a reliable transportation company for their “Very Special” event. Their story typically starts like this, “How quickly can you get a limo here for my (insert special event here)?”…… “I’m Desperate!!” Unfortunately, all too often these calls come on the busiest weekends of the year and usually with very little time to actually be able to get a vehicle there in time to keep their day on track. As a businessman, I can’t fathom just leaving someone high and dry without any fair warning that you can’t or won’t be able to live up to your commitment. All to often though, it happens. Typically these situations are created by companies that already have a very poor standing in the community. With many of the folks that I have conversations with I ask, “Why did you choose this company?”. The response is almost the same every time……”They were the cheapest I could find and they didn’t want too much money down to hold the car”, My response, “Oh, I see, so the most important event to you and price was more important than any thing else….” I know it sounds cold and harsh, but I really do not mean to be. So here is my advice to anyone planning transportation for their “Very Special Day”:

1- Interview several companies before making a choice. ask pointed questions about their deposit policies, contract policies and most of all, do they have a written policy with regard to refunds for failure to provide service? If so, how quickly will they refund pre-payments and will they provide that to you in writing? What is their breakdown policy?

2- Don’t discuss pricing until you have researched the company. Better Business Bureau is usually a great source for finding “Really Bad” companies, unfortunately, not all of them show up there. Use social media to ask for referrals from friends and contacts. Listen to your gut about the person on the phone that you are talking. I am a true believer that my gut impression, I just have to learn how to trust it!

3- GET IT IN WRITING!!! Make sure you get a contract or a confirmation with written terms and conditions. If the company will not provide you with written confirmation prior to your event, walk away. More often than not, your deposit will be gone.

4- Be a Pain!……. Literally, call in and spot check your reservation multiple times in the months/weeks/days prior to your reservation. Make sure they recall the information they have to you and that the dates, times, number of passengers/type of vehicle are correct.

5- I know your probably sick of hearing this phrase, but here we go again…..”IF IT SOUNDS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT PROBABLY IS!”

I hope this information helps you plan your “Very Special Day”! Feel free to call us to learn more about choosing the right transportation company for you. Cleveland Corporate Limousine Services, LLC 855-867-2270