Your An Adult Now…..!?

Your an adult now, Right? So why are you making important decisions and purchase solely off the Internet?

I get it that the Internet and 24-hour a day ability to buy is a huge convenienence. I have been known to buy phone cases, simple electronics or computers that have previously been spec’d out by a trusted advisor, in order to get a better price than I could get locally. But, why would we entrust a faceless, lifeless “artificial intelligence” to make decisions for me that will have a long-term impact on my life. I was talking to my insurance guy the other day and we were discussing working with the current generation that would like to spend the day texting rather than talking out an issue or determining whether or not a valuable product is a good fit….. He expressed to me that he had been referred to several clients in need of help with their insurances and he had some questions that he needed more detail and history. he told me that everytime he called this client, he’d leave a voicemail and 2 minutes later they would text him back, he’d call them, no answer….. they text back. He texted them and stated “I have questions and need to have a conversation with you, the information I need and the discussion we need to have is far more complex and important to try to handle this over a text. Please call me”. Needless to say, the client did not call back. My industry is similar. I quite often receive e-mails in the middle of the night with nothing more than a date, time and question on price. I am more than happy to quote, but what exactly should I quote? What are the clients expectations? How many guests will they have? can I handle the number of guests? Is this for personal use or corporate use? What’s the event? Am I a good fit for them to deliver the best overall experience?

All Companies Are Not Created Equal!! Take the time to interview potential vendors that will provide you with life impacting services. Develop a relationship and determine if this is someone you trust to handle the services you need and will depend upon. Quit relying solely on the Internet and a price! There are many companies that will quote you a low price, just to get your credit card number, the gotcha is when that low price doesn’t fit your needs……… Then what do you do? Start Over? Not very effective is it?